Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Business PrizeFashion Garment PrizePurple PrizeMultidisciplinary Prize
Interior Furniture PrizeYoung PrizeAsian PrizeMilan Prize
Best of Best PrizeResearch PrizeExpostitions PrizePrime Prize
Faculty PrizeAbsolute PrizeAwards PrizeGreatest Artists Prize
Contests' PrizeFor Designers PrizeTop Designers PrizeSeals Prize
Selected Works PrizeTop Design PrizeTop Notch Design PrizeChallenge Prize
Business Plan PrizeConsumeables PrizeArt Goods PrizeCookware Prize
Business Strategy PrizeFinancial Instruments PrizeLandscape PrizeTrophy Prize
Design Photography PrizeArchitectural Projects PrizeConferences PrizeSafety Clothing Prize
White Goods PrizeAlmanacs PrizeArt Gallery PrizeNews Prize
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